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01-14: Alyson Stoner, Demi Lovato & Anna Maria Perez de Tagle
15-23: Nick Jonas
24-40: Taylor Lautner
41-48 Vanessa Hudgens

ownworld-ada04.png image by kaarintjeeownworld-nj05.png image by kaarintjeeownworld-tl09.png image by kaarintjee


ownworld-ad01.png image by kaarintjeeownworld-ad02.png image by kaarintjeeownworld-ad03.png image by kaarintjeeownworld-ad04.png image by kaarintjee01-04
ownworld-ad05.png image by kaarintjeeownworld-ada01.png image by kaarintjeeownworld-ada02.png image by kaarintjeeownworld-ada03.png image by kaarintjee05-08
ownworld-ada04.png image by kaarintjeeownworld-ada05.png image by kaarintjeeownworld-ada06.png image by kaarintjeeownworld-ada07.png image by kaarintjee09-12
ownworld-ada08.png image by kaarintjeeownworld-ada09.png image by kaarintjeeownworld-nj01.png image by kaarintjeeownworld-nj02.png image by kaarintjee13-16
ownworld-nj03.png image by kaarintjeeownworld-nj04.png image by kaarintjeeownworld-nj05.png image by kaarintjeeownworld-nj06.png image by kaarintjee17-20
ownworld-nj07.png image by kaarintjeeownworld-nj08.png image by kaarintjeeownworld-nj09.png image by kaarintjeeownworld-tl01.png image by kaarintjee21-24
ownworld-tl02.png image by kaarintjeeownworld-tl03.png image by kaarintjeeownworld-tl04.png image by kaarintjeeownworld-tl05.png image by kaarintjee25-28
ownworld-tl06.png image by kaarintjeeownworld-tl07.png image by kaarintjeeownworld-tl08.png image by kaarintjeeownworld-tl09.png image by kaarintjee29-32
ownworld-tl10.png image by kaarintjeeownworld-tl11.png image by kaarintjeeownworld-tl12.png image by kaarintjeeownworld-tl13.png image by kaarintjee33-36
ownworld-tl14.png image by kaarintjeeownworld-tl15.png image by kaarintjeeownworld-tl16.png image by kaarintjeeownworld-tl17.png image by kaarintjee37-40
ownworld-vh01.png image by kaarintjeeownworld-vh02.png image by kaarintjeeownworld-vh04.png image by kaarintjeeownworld-vh05.png image by kaarintjee41-44
ownworld-vh06.png image by kaarintjeeownworld-vh07.png image by kaarintjeeownworld-vh08.png image by kaarintjeeownworld-vh09.png image by kaarintjee45-48

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